Homeland Security Coverage

The “homeland security” mission has come a long way since Congress cobbled together 22 different domestic agencies into a new Cabinet department more than a decade ago. For one thing, it’s no longer just a question of defending our borders. The U.S. faces a multifaceted challenge of global proportions, encompassing everything from intelligence gathering and data security to military procurement and international communications.

To help you prepare for the transformation to come in the homeland security nexus over the next decade, we are expanding our coverage and improving its delivery. Our peerless national security team of reporters and analysts, led by CQ on Defense editor John Donnelly, provide day-by-day, hour-by-hour and even minute-by-minute coverage on the refreshed CQ web site.

And so we welcome you to CQ on Defense — a new daily blog curated by Donnelly and featuring the expert analysis of Frank Oliveri, Megan Scully, Tim Starks, Rob Margetta, Jonathan Broder and Jennifer Scholtes. They blanket the national and homeland security community like no other team in Washington, with a combination of inside sources and institutional knowledge that provide our clients with fresh intelligence on who is winning – and losing – in the fight for funds.

While we welcome you to explore the full range of content available in CQ on Defense, we also recognize that you need quick access to the information critical to your business. So we have created some quick methods of finding news and analysis centered on homeland security issues, both within CQ on Defense and among the CQ’s broader coverage of policy and legislation.

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